Mary Ellen Conti, EA

Mary Ellen Conti, EA

In 2007 I completed the Basic Tax Course offered by H&R Block. Upon completion of the course I was offered a position in the Novato Office. I enjoyed preparing taxes and the interaction I shared with my clients.

In 2013 I became an Enrolled Agent. I realized by doing this I would be able to help my clients in a more effective manner.

After working for H&R Block for ten years, I had the opportunity to join L&L Tax and Business Services in 2017. I was eager to begin at L&L since I had worked with Cathy and Karen when they were associated with Block and I knew that they would be a wonderful resource. I am now able to offer my clients year round services.

Here at L&L Tax and Business Services we look forward to growing our business and providing our clients with the best tax advise available.


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